Tue, Oct 27, 2020
(rain date: Wed, Oct 28)
6:30 PM (“doors”: 5:30 PM)

LNJ Tech Warehouse
4 Hanna Lane, Beacon


Tickets: $10/person
(link below)


Note: Screening is outdoors in an open lawn at LNJ Tech’s warehouse. Bring blankets, chairs, and warm clothes — it will get chilly when the sun goes down. And BYO snacks and drinks. There’s plenty of available parking in the lot.

Miz Hattie’s Southern BBQ will be selling her scrumptious food.


Q&A with filmmakers following the film

Proceeds donated to Beacon 4 Black Lives




Battle for the soul of a nation. 

A powerful doc that examines the root causes of hate group activity through the bold work of those battling intolerance on the front lines, including Life After Hate, an organization founded by former Skinheads and neo-Nazis, now engaged in transforming attitudes of intolerance.

Documenting a stunning era of hatred in America, Healing From Hate follows these reformers in their work to de-radicalize White Nationalists, and heal communities torn apart by racism.

In support of powerful personal stories, groundbreaking sociologist Michael Kimmel (Guyville, Angry White Men, and Healing From Hate), offers up a parallel narrative through-line — helping the viewer to understand the psychological process of white radicalization, the crucial role of deep-seated needs around masculinity, and insight gleaned from his extensive research with “EXIT” groups around the world — work that had its genesis in Europe, and forms the basis of his recent bestselling book Healing From Hate.



Director Peter Hutchinson and producer/editor Lucas Sabean (Beaconite)



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